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Fujitsu thermostat symbols

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Fujitsu thermostat symbols

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Manuals. You can search for online manuals by the product name. Enter the product name (or part of the product name) of the manual you want to search for, and click the [Search] button. Arrow Symbols in This Manual Right-arrow symbols ( →) are used to connect icons or menu options you should select in succession. Example: Select [Start] menu → [Computer]. About This Manual 6. Screen Examples in This Manual Microsoft product screenshots are reprinted with permission from Microsoft Corporation. Air conditioning symbols explained Universal On/Off Button - the primary one is pretty very easy. It'd look like a round with a slit in it, and it is a symbol for on/Off. You probably have this on your television remote also. Plus & Minus buttons - also fairly very easy, these control buttons ambient space temperature. WARNING: This symbol refers to a hazard or unsafe practice which can result in severe personal injury or death. CAUTION: This symbol refers to a hazard or unsafe practice which can result in personal injury and the potential for prod-uct or property damage. • Hazard alerting symbols Electrical Safety / alert If Necessary, Get Help. (1) All wiring shown should be performed with 18 AWG thermostat wire. (2) Terminals to thermostat controller on this product support 20-30VAC. (3) High/medium/low fan signals are optional, and may not be available on all thermostat models. (4) W2 and Y2 signals are optional, and may be omitted for single-stage thermostats.

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